Heat Pumps for Underfloor Water Heating

Heat Pump

Heat Pumps are the latest thing in heating systems worldwide and in Israel. The efficiency of heating based on a heat pump system is greater than any other heating device available today. It saves up to 70% in annual heating costs compared to systems based on electricity, diesel or gas.

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How does a heat pump system work?

The heat pump takes advantage of the ambient heat and draws it in. This is possible almost at any external temperature, even at very cold temperatures. 
The pump uses an electric compressor to complete the process. The compressor provides only 20% of the heating energy generated, so that the remaining 80% comes from the environment. The heat pump actually consumes just one fifth of the energy it produces!

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A heating system based on a heat pump is 4 times more efficient than heating with electricity. For example, it is  5 times more efficient than gas heating, and 7 times more efficient than heating with diesel or kerosene. 
It could save thousands of shekels in heating costs every winter. 
The benefits of this system have been known worldwide for a while, but in Israel it was introduced and installed in many homes only in the past decade.

A heat pump does not generate direct heat thus it does not involve fuel burning or gas burning, therefore it is the most environmentally friendly heating system today – with no air pollution and no ozone damage. 
Heat pumps for heating spaces are widely used in the green construction field in new projects and for upgrading existing facilities to greener and more environmentally friendly facilities. 
The system is economical, easy to operate and environmentally friendly.

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The heat-pump/water underfloor heating system uses water pipes installed under the floor to transfer the heat from the pump throughout the entire house. The heat pump heats the water, which in turn passes through the pipes and warms the floor.

The heat rises up from the floor naturally and then spreads uniformly and smoothly through the house. The natural humidity in the air does not change so it stays comfortable in every room.

Temperature regulation is done by a thermostat, which maintains a comfortable and constant temperature.

פריסת מערכת הצנרות בהתקנת מערכת חימום תת רצפתית על מים


  • Pleasant and constant uniform distribution of heat throughout the house
  • Maintains the natural humidity of the air.
  • The system is hidden, it is not exposed to damage nor does it occupy space in the interior of the house. There are no restrictions associated with the heating system in regards to the interior design of the whole house.
  • Contribution to the environment. A heat pump provides green, energy.
  • Efficient heating.
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The heat pump is installed outside the house – either on the roof or in the yard, depending on the structure of the home.
Choosing a professional company with experience in installing and maintaining the heat pump and its infrastructure will provide you with a reliable and stable system that will serve you for years at minimal cost.

פריסת מערכת הצנרות בהתקנת מערכת חימום תת רצפתית על מים

Galletti Heat-Pumps

Maalot Underfloor Heating Ltd, is Galletti’s exclusive importer and distributor in Israel.
The heat pumps are available in a wide range of sizes.
Galletti is a world leader in the production of heat pumps. Galletti heat pumps are 100% manufactured and completed in Italy, under the strict and prestigious quality standard of the European Merger Association.

לוגו גלאטי

Macon Heat-Pumps

Maalot Underfloor Heating Ltd, imports and distributes Macon heat pumps in Israel. Macon heat pumps are manufactured in China and are built in a wide range of sizes. Macon is a world leader in the production of heat pumps.

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