Feel the Warmth!

Floor heating systems are the best, most advanced home heating method. They provide pleasant, natural heat; can be operated separately in each room of the house; and are suitable for every type of flooring (including carpeting and parquets). Floor heating is highly safe, ideal for high-ceiling spaces, suitable for every room, and most importantly – excellent for any home, be it a city apartment or a spacious villa: it allows you to design your home just as you imagined it. Maalot provides consulting, planning and installation of floor heating systems to clients in Israel and worldwide. Managed by professionals who have been in the business since 1992, it is the Israeli leader in its field. Our Product & Technology Development department offers vast professional expertise and constant development of world-class, state of the art technology which allows for uniform heat distribution, contributes to the effective use of energy, and is in keeping with common construction techniques in Israel.

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The Maalot Advantages

בחור שוכב על רצפה- מעלות מערכות חימוום תת רצפתי
ילדה ישנה על רצפה מחוממת- מעלות מערכות חימום

Uses heating elements successfully tested for more than 40 years. A hidden system, with no visible elements (heaters etc.) in your living space. The only system with a safety net protecting the heating elements – developed by Maalot. Better home insulation and prevention of heat escaping downwards. Strict quality control throughout all manufacturing stages. A long list of recommendations by satisfied clients: architects, contractors, construction supervisors, and private clients. Personal, comprehensive assistance by our representative to each and every client. Work carried out by the most experienced professionals. Lifetime warranty (electric system). Reasonable prices. Conforms to international standards regrading 

electromagnetic induction. Enjoy a pampering, hot bath! Maalot offers you a unique bathroom system, which includes a thermostat, a mirror defogger, and more. Contact us to learn more about it. 

Heartwarming Service

Maalot offers you the perfect combination of a state of the art system with warm, family-like service. Our representatives will walk you through the entire consulting, planning and installation service. Our professional team installs the system in coordination with other site operatives, and provides guidance and maintenance services. The finest, most experienced construction professionals, as well as many esteemed corporate and private clients, prefer Maalot Floor Heating Systems, and recommend our devoted, reliable service. We welcome you to enjoy these benefits too!

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