Introducing: Electric Underfloor Heating System

System Components

The electric underfloor heating system works by installing special heating elements under the flooring. The heating elements are operated by electricity and produce a pleasant heat in the room. When the heating elements reach the desired temperature, the hot air rises from the floor to fill the space naturally, resulting in a pleasant and uniform heat throughout the room.

The system is economical, easy to operate and environmentally friendly.

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Insulation Layer

There are two options available: (1) spraying of polyethylene foam; or (2) two inflammable F-30 polystyrene boards. The thickness of insulation layer is 2-3 cm. 

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Heating Elements

The finest in the world! Made by leading European manufacturers, heat resistant (0-100˚c), wear-resistant nickel alloy, and includes a 30-year warranty. Our heating elements feature a twisted pair conductor that meets international standards and reduces electromagnetic induction. We guarantee the lowest rates of EI in Israel.

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Thermostats (Controls)

Installation includes an independent thermostat wall-unit to operate the system in each room. The unit supplies voltage for the heating elements in the space, enables temperature adjustment, provides a real-time reading of the temperature, and automatically disconnects voltage flow upon reaching the desired temperature. There are various designs available.

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